COR-TEN Specialist

COR-TEN Specialists

J.G.B Steelcraft (UK) Limited is leading the way in the UK as highly recommended COR-TEN specialists. We distribute COR-TEN around the world in a variety of industrial and architectural forms. Our Managing Director Andrew O’Brien has specific expertise in this specialist material. COR-TEN is a high strength low alloy weldable structural steel possessing excellent weather resistance. We undertake the complete manufacturing processes of COR-TEN steel and now offer a unique service to accelerate the ageing process for a more uniformed appearance following manufacture.

Corrugated COR-TEN Roofing

We are currently the leading supplier of branded corrugated COR-TEN roofing and cladding sheets that are de-coiled to your required length. Once corrugated the standard sheet width would be in the region of 1100mm.

These panels provide a contemporary finish to your project and are the latest trend in roofing products and architecture.

Isle of Lewis Bothy

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Our most recent Cor-ten roofing project was for an outbuilding on the Isle of Lewis. Created by J.G.B Steelcraft (UK) Limited from our clients detailed drawings were flashings, corrugated roofing, a bespoke guttering system and downpipe. We designed the downpipe with moveable fixings due to the unusual structure of the building.

Glencoe Visitor Centre entrance canopy

Scottish Highlands

We recently provided corrugated roofing, flashings and panels for this remote bothy in the Scottish Highlands.


Having been recently selected by a leading architect in London we were asked to create a COR-TEN structure to be displayed in a private garden in Kuwait. The final creation of 40, 3.6m high trees was pre-aged by us before travelling to such a dry environment. This bespoke fabrication comprised of 6mm and 8mm and 25mm thick base plates, fully fabricated using COR-TEN steel.

Our most recent COR-TEN creation was installed in the heart of Twickenham in September 2015.  This sculpture has produced fabulous reviews and is a prime example of the specialised bespoke COR-TEN Steel structures that we manufacture here at J.G.B Steelcraft (UK) Limited.  This fantastic sculpture was based on an original design by Alexander Pope around 1735 which no longer exists however, it was recorded in written descriptions which form the basis of the contemporary version we produced.

We worked to Rhino 3D CAD drawings used with Grasshopper add-on software resulting in an implied form with 80% of the solid structure actually being void.  From our photographs below you will see the various steps taken to create this magnificent structure.  The dimensions of the urn and pedestal stand at 2.5.m (over 8ft).

COR-TEN Steel naturally weathers to form a protective, oxidised surface which is strong and maintenance free.  To allow the sculpture to be installed in its final weathered appearance we undertook the ageing process acceleration before it left our premises.

The pedestal of the sculpture was welded throughout and the sliced discs that create the urn were cantilevered from a tubular core and held in compression by a hidden threaded fixing which allows maintenance and repair however at 5mm thick the discs are unlikely to be damaged.




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