We support Renfrewshire’s ambition of achieving net zero by 2030. We are digging deep and creating roots to grow our company’s net zero targets to become more energy efficient in our general business practices. We are offering clients a refurbishment option as opposed to buying new products, driving down costs and helping the environment. We practice lean management solutions and help your company work smarter.


We only work with British Steel or Steel imported from Western Europe in comparison to other Steel Manufacturing Companies who import from the rest of the world (ROW). The environmental benefits of this means that we are cutting down emissions to zero with British Steel and 4 x less from European Steel in comparison to 24 x higher emissions by importing from the ROW.

When it comes to smaller consumable parts, we try our best to collaborate with suppliers in the central belt and West of Scotland.


We carefully select all our suppliers in line with our ISO process to ensure that they have similar core values to ours when it comes to the impact on the environment. Opus Energy supply our electricity which means we operate on 100% renewable energy.


This year we have been working closely with Strathclyde University who conducted a full Carbon Footprint of our factory. Working on their recommendations we have:

  • Replaced our two factory 4-metre-wide roller shutters with fully insulated soft closing electric shutters that operate using sensors. Since installation this has drastically improved egress and ingress and workflow throughout the working day. Our new electric forklift trucks have remote controls to operate these roller shutters internally and externally.
  • Renewed existing cabinet space heaters with new economical heaters using timed heat controllers and thermostats.
  • Fully insulated all walls and ceiling within our Paint Shop Department. This will help control the ambient air temperature and improve production and curing times throughout the winter without having to use additional heating sources.

We are currently in the preliminary stages of conducting a survey on our electricity consumption to ascertain if solar panels would have a positive impact on our energy consumption.


We are continually working on new product innovation, recycling and refurbishing products.


Having recently worked with Zero Waste Scotland we identified throughout our offices, factory and yard that we had multiple lighting that required filament lamps. We have replaced all the lighting within our building with LEDs to improve our energy efficiency, reduce our operating costs and improve visibility.


We work with Biffa Waste Management to ensure all our packing waste is fully recycled. Our scrap metal is managed by EMR Limited and is recycled to produce new steel products giving an achievement of real and permanent reduction in the cost of steel goods manufactured using our scrap without impairing quality.


This year our continuous pathway to Net Zero had led us to replacing all our diesel forklifts with electric models that are more environmentally friendly and economical to use. Maintenance costs are lower, they give out minimal pollution, enhance operator ergonomics and operate with little noise. We have also replaced all work vehicles with new Euro 6 compliance engines.


With high electricity consumption, aging moving parts and filters that could no longer be replaced we have just renewed both Extraction Systems in our Powder-Coating Bay and Wet Spray Paint Shop. The new Extraction Systems have a neat additional On-Touch Start Up meaning that when a user lifts the Spray Gun the Extraction System automatically switches on and on completion of painting when the user places the Spray Gun back in the holder the Extraction System switches off within 2 minutes meaning that the motors are not continually running throughout the day only in real time.


We have shifted our manufacturing schedule to a four-day working week, running from Monday through Thursday. This change is all about giving our employees a chance to strike a better balance between work and life and to reduce our environmental footprint.


All visitors are welcome to charge their car at our recently installed charging point at the front of our building.