Sub-contract Capabilities

Laser Cutting

Trumpf TruLaser 3030 3Kw Turbo
-Working Range 3000mm x 1500mm
-Cutting Thickness up to 15mm Mild Steel and 8mm Stainless Steel

HD Plasma Cutting

Esprit Automation Lightning HD
Hypertherm XPR 300 with Optimix
-Working Range 6500mm x 2500mm
-Cutting Thickness up to 50mm Mild Steel and 30mm Stainless Steel

Water Jet Cutting

Flow D-IFB 3620 Dynamic Waterjet System
-Working Range 3600mm x 2000mm
-Cutting Thickness up to 300mm Mild Steel and 300mm Stainless Steel

Click here for further information on Water Jet Cutting (PDF)

CNC Punching

Amada Vipros King 368 30Ton
-Working Range 4000 x 1525 x 3.2mm

CNC Folding

Amada HFE M2
-Working Range 4000mm x 220ton
Amada HFE M2 II
-Working Range 2000mm x 50ton


Linisher 150


Bonetti Barrelling Rumbler
Loewer Swing Grinder

Power Rolling

Edward Power Roller 1200
-Working Range 1200mm x 6mm

Painting & Powder Coating

HPC SM12 Compressor
Gemma Optiflex 2B
Devilbiss Advance HD Spray Unit
Shuttlework Infra-red oven
5000 Sq Ft Automatic Paint Line

Laser Cutting & Engraving

Trotec Speedy 300 80 watt
– Working Range 726mm x 432m
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HighTon Press
-Working Range 2500mm x 1250mm x 500ton
Cincinnati Milacron Power Press
-Working Range 500mm x 500mm x 45ton


Bridgeport Textron
Colchester Triumph 2000
Kitchen & Wade E26 1219mm Radial Drill
Elliot of London Radial Drill


CBC UNI Tube folder

Circular Saw

Thomas SAR 350
Imet 350 Cold Saw
Bauer S28-DG-L Semi-Auto Bandsaw


Fronius VR3300/VS 5000 (3 units)
-Working Range Aluminium, Mild & Stainless Steel
Esab Mig 40041 with 3004 wire feed unit (3 units)
-Working Range Aluminium, Mild & Stainless Steel
Fronius MagicWave 3000
-Working Range Stainlees Steel & Aluminium
Esab Tig 160 (2 Units)
-Working Range Stainlees Steel & Aluminium
TPS Tec MIG 450 with Jackie MCI wire feed unit
-Working Range Aluminium, Mild & Stainless Steel
Millar Max Star 200 Tig Plant
-Working Range Stainless Steel & Aluminium
Taylor Stud Welder
Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche Spot Welder
Allam Welding Generator
Hypertherm Powermax 45

Shot Blasting

Hodge Clemco Blastroom system (Mild Steel)
-Working Area 2500mm x 2500mm x 12000mm
Hodge Clemco Blastroom system (Stainless Steel)
-Working Area 2500mm x 2500mm x 6000mm
Compair Holman C76 Diesel Compressor
-260 CFM


Amada GX11640
– Working Range 4000mm x 6mm Mild Steel
– Working Range 4000mm x 3mm Stainless Steel